Reduce Your Stress

Starts Sunday, September 26, 2021

Are You Tired Of Being STRESSED OUT?

Join me in this two-week coaching program to get a handle on the stressors of your life!


My Name is Vameka

As a mother of two sour patch kids (both under the age of 5), wife & Entrepreneur I can account for the fact that stress can absolutely take any one of us out!

If we allow it too.

I, for too long allowed my stress to take over my mind and life. I was consumed! Unpredictable situations, crazy postpartum hormones, meltdowns (from the kids & adults), death, unrealistic expectations, and life changes just to name the most common.

They all felt to be hitting me like a ton of bricks!

The crazy part... I thought I was "handling" things well. That is until the shit hit the fan, and I was forced to face my reality.

I was not following through, showing up, and I found myself settling...A LOT. That was not how I wanted to live my life! It was not producing the results I desired, rather, living that way was walking me further away from the route I wanted to journey.

In a moment I decided that I WAS DONE! A shift was in order.

It was time to make a major shift, PERIODT! I evaluated who, what's, when's, and why's as it related to how I was "handling" my life. In doing so, I made some disturbing discoveries. I saw the mountain ahead but it didn't feel impossible because I used my "reverse engineering method" and could clearly see the lite path to the life I desired.

The first and most immediate thing I needed to address was how I was responding to LIFE and the things that applied pressure (STRESS).

Your Image

So What's Good?

Are you ready to take that first step a handle the stressors of your life like a G/ Boss?

Still on the fence?

Ok, I want to you ask yourself...




If the answer is NO, join me in my "Reduce Your Stress" program.

Allow this two-week program to be your first step in taking control over the "stress" in your life.

Starts Sunday, September 26, 2021

Program Features

Easy access via phone app

14-Day Coaching

Daily Reminders

Daily Check-ins

Focused Lessons

Two way comunication (via in app messenger)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Long Will This Coaching Program Last?

The program is for two weeks. We link up every day.

Is This a group program or is this one-on-one

That is a great question! This IS a one-to-one program. This is about YOU and only YOU!

How is this coaching program going to eliminate me stress?

This program is not going to eliminate your stress... it will, however, give you the tools, ask you the questions, and provide YOU the framework to take control over that which "stresses" you.

As my coach, how will you create the results that I am looking to achieve?

As your coach, I am your guide... not a genie ?. I can not make you anything, nor can I make you do anything. What I can and will do, is support your, guide you, assist you, and cheer you toward the results you desire.

What are your program guarantees?

I can tell you with 100% certainty, that my coaching works! BUT, you have to work it ??‍♀️. I can assure you that I will show up, assist in making adjustments, and challenge you to become the versions of yourself that you envision achieving your specific goals!

What If I need to run through the program again?

Don’t worry, you will have access to this program and all future updates ??

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