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The program Starts MONDAY

What Should I Expect?

Daily Am Check In & Pm Check Out's

Weekly 1-on-on Zoom Call (4)

Goals For Each Week

Day 1 & Day 28 Progress tracker

Daily promts & journal to keep you engaged and focused

Quick workouts and Mobility Sessions

Meal Guide & Recipes

The Glow Up Method | The Vibe Check | System Of Living Buildout

Goal Mapping & Reverse engineering

Private App Access

Week By Week

Week 1: Current Reality

During our first week, we will determine where you are precise. This is like a GPS; we must first know where you're starting, figure out where you want to go, and then provide/create the steps to arrive at your desired destination.

Week 2: Desired Reality

Week two is all about figuring out what YOU want! Not with boxes you've been told that you need to check off to live a happy life, but rather the reality that you truly desire to get an alignment with, are willing to work to achieve, and can maintain.

Week 3: Mapping The Gap

In week three, we will build out the steps and processes necessary to bridge the gap. We will reverse engineer your desired reality back to where you currently exist. With that information, we will create tiny steps that you can act upon that will cumulatively deliver you to the other side of the bridge. This week is all about planning it out!

Week 4: Bridging The Gap

Week four is a big deal! This is the week we began to act upon the tiny steps necessary to bridge the gap. And week three, we map everything out; we know there will be some obstacles, challenges, and hiccups... But we have a plan and focus on executing, showing up, and growing! This week is all about action! Commit to yourself in the life you believe is supposed to be a reality!

BUT WAIT... There Is More!

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Bonus #1

Weekly Group Call

Every week I will host a zoom chat to set you up for the upcoming week, celebrate wins, brainstorm ways to conquer barriers, motivate, inspire and answer any questions

|Every Wednesday|

VALUE: $50/ month

Bonus #2

Meal Planning Guide

Receive a meal planning guide to help make sure you can execute your nutritional strategy.

Value: $25

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Bonus #3 Accountability In your pocket!

This entire program will be accessed through my app.

VALUE: $75/ month

Bonus #4

Weekly One-on-one Coaching Checkins

Every Thursday, I block off my schedule JUST FOR YOU! This is our time to do a 1-on-1 check-in to address any adjustments that can be made to optimize your Glow-Up!

VALUE: $225/ month

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Are You Tired Of...

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Having The Same Fitness Goals Every Year?

What is a fitness goal without the element of movement? Unlike other programs, we are not going to focus on lifting weights, squatting, and long strenuous workouts... . The Glow Up System thrives on quick workouts, mobility sessions, and increasing physical activity.

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The Dissapointment of NOT making it happen.

I will provide you with a meal guide that will allow for flexibility and ease of transition. Our program is not about dietary restrictions; instead, we will make adjustments and modifications related to portion control, decision-making, displacement, and planning.

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Having A Closet Full Of Clothes That "Don't Fit"?

Because this is delivered through an app on your phone, I will be able to create multiple opportunities throughout the day to hold you accountable to this program.

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Dealing with High Blood Pressure, Pre-Diabeties\ Diabetes,

Health Issues, Knee Pain, Back Pain, Sciatic Pain?

Every day I'm going to provide props for consideration that will help to ignite a shift in your mindset and current systems of living.

This Challenge Will :

Remove anxiety around what you were going to eat and if it will be satisfying

Walk into any room and know that people are looking at you because you exude confidence and not looking at your back rolls

Lay the foundation to create the "summer Body" for the rest of your life

Build Confidence

Disable anxiety

Develop your coachability

Teach you how to show up and play fall out in your life

Live as a cocreator of your reality and hero of your life story

How Is This Different Than Any Other Challenge?

The game changer...

My proven "Glow Up" Method & "Vibe Check Practice."

When these elements are combined, the possibility of NOT Glowing up is vanquished!

As I said, this is not a primary challenge that offers you a workout program and meal plan... this is the game changer!

Of course, you will have daily activities/ workouts and nutritional guides, but this goes beyond. We are addressing the habits, mindset, and systems of living that keep you STUCK!

The game changer... My proven "Glow Up" Method. When these elements are combined, the possibility of NOT Glowing up is vanquished!


What is a fitness goal without the element of training? Unlike other programs, we are not going to focus on lifting weights, squatting, and long strenuous workouts... . The Glow Up System thrives on quick workouts, mobility sessions, and increasing physical activity.


Wow, our goals are serious; we often become so severe that we become hard on ourselves when we make simple mistakes. This creates negative mental dialogue, which has no place in your glow-up!


I'm sure you have done a program where you were required to go all in on day one… Unless that's what you're doing is going from one end of the spectrum to the other. Within the glow-up system, I'll go to create balance. This is not a space where the restriction is considered; we aren't taking away; we are creating balance. Therefore eliminating the scarcity mindset that makes us feel as if we will never have our pleasures again.


Isn't it helpful when you have other people looking to achieve similar goals to talk to? We believe community is essential! Throughout your program, you have access to me as your coach and other participants. We can celebrate wins together, strategize on how to be successful in our areas of weakness, and share in our glow-up together!

My Methods & Systems Are Fail Proof!

I will give you all of your money back, if you do everything I ask you to and you don't get any results!

This Program IS NOT For You If:

You Are not ready to make a shift

You not willing to take responsibilty for your actions

You think that this is too expensive

You are not going to be coachable

You just want to complain and deflect

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